Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Waz up Wednesday? - Garden

Waz up Wednesday's is when I talk about a project I've been working on recently. It may still be a project I'm currently working on or one I have recently finished.

We have had some progress on our garden.

We built our garden boxes.

we stapled weed barrier on the bottom. and flipped them over.

we had long staples so some of them needed a little hammering to get all the way flush.

this stinker toad was a big help "donking" (hammering)...."donk...donk...donk" I love it!

we then mixed up some Mel's mix.

added it to the boxes.

sprayed it down as we went. This stuff soaks up a lot of water, so it is advised to add it as you go. especially if you are planning on planting right away.

we decided to use some string to make a square foot grid in one of the boxes.

we are not filling each square, mainly because I have yet to see a tomato plant grow that small.

We have planted a few plants.

our lettuce and carrots were planted by seed and are just coming up. We should have planted them earlier, but the boxes were not ready.

We bought some tomato and broccoli starters and planted them this past weekend.

It is still a little early for the tomatoes so we put walls of water to prevent any possible freezing at night.

we are still planning on planting peppers, corn, zucchini, pumpkin, green beans.

 We also attached our faucet to the pipe that went out there. (it was installed by previous owners) It's hooked to our sprinkling system so we eventually want to have a dip hose system attached and we will not have to worry so much about watering.

This is a tree I bought for the far corner of our yard. I meant to have it planted earth-day weekend, but still haven't got to it.

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