Monday, September 24, 2012

Construction Birthday Party!

August hit me hard this year. I think it was the first time I've felt so busy as a mom. My husband said I was finally to the Soccer Mom stage of my life. Well I've finally slowed down a bit and would like to share the boy's combined birthday party we had a couple weeks ago.

I took a picture of the construction going on behind our house and used it as the back ground for the invite.

As guest arrived they had to follow a few construction signs to get to the back. I made these with orange poster boards and black paper I cut out with my silhouette SD.

As they went through the gate they received a hard hat and apron. In the apron was a demolition ball (jaw breaker) and measuring tape (bubble tape). The kids then played in the sandbox as we waited for the rest of the kids.

First activity of the party was hammering nails into wood. They seemed to really like this and didn't want to stop to go on to the next game.

The next game was pin the wrench on the pipe. I came up with this one from an idea I saw online. They did pin the nail on the hammer, but I was already doing a hammer game and wanted to use a different tool.

Next we did some building and demolition. you could use cereal boxes for this as well. I hadn't saved any so I was really excited to find these brick boxes at Wal-mart for only $10. The best part is my kids still love playing with them even weeks after the party.

The next event and the biggest hit with the kids was painting. We replaced our air conditioner this summer and still had the box. I'm sure you could get one from a store or I have seen cardboard houses that are meant to be painted or colored. Not sure where to buy those though. I bought some cheap paint trays, foam brushes and rollers, and poster paint.

After the painting we got everyone washed up and got ready for cake and ice cream. They kids watched the construction going on behind our house as they waited.

We had chocolate cake(dirt), ice cream (cookies and cream to look dirty) cones (orange cones).

Here is the cake. sorry the coloring is so bad.

We then opened presents.

I'm showing this gift for Brig, because it was the one I made. I just used a small mans black shirt, which I trimmed a bit and hemmed. Bought the rubber boots on clearance. I put yellow duct tape around the edges. I'm sure the tape will come of, but it is easy to fix.

Lastly we did a pinata. I looked everywhere near me for a construction themed pinata and could not find one, so I made one.

As they left they got a party bag with candy corn, reeses pieces, stickers and a small truck or tractor.