I started a blog several years ago not really knowing what one was or what I wanted to put on it. It has now become a mess of all sorts of things from family life, to projects, to spiritual life and maybe even some politics in there. It's time to get organized.

This Blog will have projects, food recipes, and helpful tips I have learned. I figured this was a good time to start it, sense I will be moving to a larger home this weekend. a new beginning! I will have the space to do many projects I haven't before. I also will have a lot to decorate and yard to fix up.

I've always leaned to a more natural way of doing things, even more so after having children who have health differences (ADHD and lactose intolerance). I am learning more and more everyday how much food plays a big part in our health. I'm leaning more to a whole food plant based diet. I'm not vegan mainly because I just love meat too much, but try to have vegan meals several times a week.

I get my inspiration from other blogs, TV, pinterest, or books. Every once in awhile I will actually come up with something on my own. I am not an expert in anything (including blogging), so don't get upset if something I do is wrong or I don't follow blogging edict. just let me know. I'm still new at this and just trying to have fun and share things I've learned with others.

You are welcome to link back to this site and use a single image to link back to any post. Please make sure you link back and credit all borrowed material. Contact me for permission to republish posts in their entirety.

I hope you enjoy what you see!