Monday, July 23, 2012

Safari Baby Shower

My brother's wife had their baby last week! she is adorable! don't you think? I could just eat babies up they are so sweet! 

Last month my mother and I through a bridal shower for mommy to be! the invites where printed and pasted with animal print paper as back ground.

We're “wild” with excitement.
The time is drawing near.
The Queen of the Safari, is almost here.
Amanda's tummy is expanding
So let's shower her with gift's and cheer!

Thursday, June 21, 2012
7:00 pm
American Fork, UT 84003

Give us a roarrr if you DON''T plan on swinging by!
Cathy: (phone)

(there is no theme for their nursery and they do not need any of the large baby items.)

We went with a safari theme. 

We got the balloons at Macey's Food and Drug, but you can get them at most party stores or on Amazon.

Simple palm decoration I got from Dollar Tree.

 We wanted to go with a more traditional safari look rather then pastels. the table cloth is just a canvas paint drop cloth from the hardware store. I had some safari fabric I bought a while ago so I made a table runner and banner. we used dowels to hold the pineapples together to make the tree and added palm leaves from Dollar Tree to add to the top. 

The letters on the banner are pinned on with safety pins. I thought it would go well with the baby shower idea. The letters were cut out with my silhouette SD on pink card stock.

 For food we had a yogurt bar. The guests had a choice between plain, honey or vanilla yogurt. a variety of fruit, granola, monkey bread, banana bread, and water.

 It's hard to know if you should play games or not at these things. The older generation seems to like games, and the younger generation seems to dislike them. We decided to do a few games and paint onesies for the new arrival.

 We had a game as everyone came in that had a list of animals and you are to name the baby animal. This was the deluxe version. has things like "what is the name of a baby Ant?"

We then had the guest go on a safari and count all the baby items hidden around the yard. 

For the onesies we had images cut out with my silhouette SD on freezer paper. If you iron the freezer paper shinny side down it will stick to the onesies and makes a great stencil. Some people also free handed things. We had paints, brushes, sponge blotters, and paint markers available to everyone. It turned out better then I had hoped!

Here is the gift I made for her. You have probably seen them all over lately. I think everyone is excited to do something different then the over used diaper cake.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Train and Airplane Quilts

I'm so excited for today's post! I started this last September and was hoping to have them finished for Christmas. I might have done it if I didn't make anything else. I finally finished in May and I love them! What do you think?

I took a quilting class in collage (wont say how many years ago). Thinking I knew what I was doing  made a wall hanging about 2'x3'. Not the prettiest thing. Don't even have a picture.

 I came across a blog, Diary of a quilter (before pinterest) that has a tutorial on how to make a quilt. I learned more from that tutorial then I ever did in the quilting class. After feeling confident I knew what I was doing, I took the plunge and made two twin size Quilts! 

My favorite part of the airplane quilt is the pinwheel squares that look like airplane propellers. 

With the airplane quilt I went for a more detailed (complicated) center with a basic (easy) boarder. with the train I went the other way around. The train boarder was probably what took the longest out of the whole project.

My favorite part of the train quilt is the railroad track boarder. I came up with that one on my own.