Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why this Blog?

I started a blog several years ago not really knowing what one was or what I wanted to put on it. It has now become a mess of all sorts of things from family life to projects to spiritual life and maybe even some politics in there. It's time to get organized.

This Blog will just have projects. I figured this was a good time to start it, sense I will be moving to a larger home this weekend and will have the space to do many projects I haven't before. I also will have a lot to decorate and yard to fix up.

I get my inspiration from other blogs, TV, or books. Every once in awhile I will actually come up with something on my own. I am not an expert in anything(including blogging), so don't get upset if something I do is wrong. I'm just trying to have fun and share things I've learned with others.

I hope you enjoy what you see!