Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quiet books

I needed something to keep my kids attention at church in the car where ever. I found many quiet books out there. the one's that stood out to me are here, here, and here. This is what I made:


I started with these two treasure chest pages. each chest has a number on it and the matching amount of gold beads hanging on it. I hand sew the chests together and onto the back sheet. I soon learned to use hot glue for the rest of the sheets. It looks nicer, easier and way faster!

I wanted each child to learn how to use buttons.

Toad 2 needs to also learn his colors so we did gumballs.

This page combines learning to use snaps and getting to know our "family tree".

The apple doesn't fall from the tree!

There is a nut in every family tree!

learning to use a zipper. Toad 1 also gets to use his creativity to dress Mr. Potato Head.
Mr. Potato head 

Noah's Ark

 Toad 2 gets to play with finger puppets. I got them at Ikea.

 Paper Activities:

For toad 1 I added some other pages. I made a color book picture of him and cut out some hidden picture pages and other activity pages, from a kid's magazine. I put them into a sheet protectors and added some dry erase markers. (be careful these do not come out of clothing or off chairs etc.) The markers work great on the sheet protectors just add a scrap of felt as an eraser.

Tie your shoe:
I also added this page to Toad 2's book. He is at that age he should be able to start tying his shoes.

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